Medical Translation

Guaranteed acceptance by USCIS and most government offices and institutions.
Signed by a professional translator and notarized by a Notary Public.
We have more than 30 years of experience in translations.
Local translation company in the USA, not in a foreign country.
Premium quality paper, gold foil seal.
Delivery in person, by email, by Priority First-Class Mail.

Medical Translation Services

There has never been a more important time for accurate medical translation services. Don’t let language barriers compromise your healthcare needs. Certified Translation Dallas provides reliable medical translations for our clients. Trust us with your medical documents and in-person medical translations.on Dallas provides reliable medical translations for our clients. Trust us with your medical documents and in-person medical translations.

Why is Medical Translation Important?

Public health officials consider the well-being of all patients. Certified translation is essential in the medical field because illness has no language boundaries. Our medical translation services allow for universal patient care.

Medical Translation Services

Certified Translation Dallas offers a variety of medical translation services. Some of the documents we’ve translated for clients include:

  • Doctor’s certificates for traveling purposes
  • Pharmaceutical prescriptions
  • Medical records
  • Medical device manuals
  • Hospital forms and policies
  • Clinical protocols
  • Consent forms
  • Case report forms
  • Autopsy reports
  • Test procedures/results

Our translators have over 30-years of translation experience. Trust us to help you take the language barriers out of your medical documents.

Why Choose Certified Translation Dallas?

Our team takes its responsibility seriously. With Certified Translation Dallas, your confidential medical information remains private. Our confidentiality agreement guarantees your private information stays with your assigned translators.

We also verify the accuracy of your translations through a process that guarantees certified and notarized results. We are certified by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and are members of the Metroplex Interpreter and Translator Association. No medical or governmental institution has ever rejected the validity of our translations.


Live Medical Appointment Interpretation

We understand that medical translation services go beyond translating documents. That’s why we provide live interpreters for medical appointments.

Our medical liaisons serve as the bridge between patient and doctor. We interpret communication and guarantee an accurate understanding of the details between both parties.

Get Fast, Accurate, Reliable Translations With Certified Translation Dallas

The translators of Certified Translation Dallas have over 30-years of experience working with the healthcare industry. Trust our local translators for accurate, certified results with a swift turnaround. Contact us today to discuss your translation needs with one of our medical translators.