Certified Translation

Guaranteed acceptance by USCIS and most government offices and institutions.
Signed by a professional translator and notarized by a Notary Public.
We have more than 30 years of experience in translations.
Local translation company in the USA, not in a foreign country.
Premium quality paper, gold foil seal.
Delivery in person, by email, by Priority First-Class Mail.

Certified Translation Services

A certified, notarized document helps you in any situation that requires certification by an official organization. Unfortunately, language can be an obstacle that slows down essential processes, such as immigration or the submission of educational documents. Certified Translation Dallas accurately translates and certifies all documents to ensure they meet legal requirements in any language.

Why Do You Need a Certified Translation?

Certified translations are required in several situations. Without proof of authenticity, a document will quickly be rejected by most entities. When a translation is certified, it becomes a legal record. Trust Certified Translation Dallas to accurately and quickly translate all of your important documents.


The immigration process requires several certified documents. Our expert translators will quickly translate all immigration documents including:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Police records
  • Baptismal records

Legal Situations

When it comes to legal legitimacy, a certified translation is essential. Our translators are court-certified and can lend a helping hand to the translation of:


Corporate Deals

Many corporations conduct business overseas, so translation between documents and discussions is necessary. Use our certified services to ensure that your corporate documents are part of a legally binding deal. Translation Dallas handles translations for business situations such as:

  • Complex mergers and acquisitions
  • Contracts
  • Financial reports
  • Patents

Educational Acceptance

The translation of transcripts and educational materials is common in higher education. With Certified Translation Dallas, complete your university applications that require a certified diploma and transcripts. Trust us to help you achieve your educational goals!

Certified Translations for Education and Admissions

What is Required to Satisfy an Accurate Translation?

In order for a translation to be deemed accurate and certified, several requirements must be met:

  • The translation must be a word-for-word translation of all text within the translated document.
  • We cannot alter the text or attempt to interpret the meaning of the text. Our work is pure translation, nothing more. Our goal is to ensure that the recipient of the translation gains a true representation of the original text in your document.

Requirements to satisfy that we’ve completed a certified translation include the following:

  • Our certified translation must show that a qualified translator completed the translation.
  • All qualified translators must be fluent in the language pair required of the document.
  • All certified translations are signed to attest to the authenticity of our work.

Receive an Accurate Translation and More in 24-Hours

Our process adheres to our high standards of excellence. Therefore, each certified translation includes information that traces back to the translator who worked on your document, establishes that the translator is not related to the client, and provides contact information for our offices.

Most certified translation needs are under a deadline. We understand the need for urgency, and that is why our expert translators work quickly on each project. We’ll provide you with an accurate, complete translation within 24 hours on most documents.

Cross the Language Barrier With Translation Dallas

Don’t let a language barrier impede your life’s progress. Certified Translation Dallas helps you translate official documents that move major events forward! Trust us to efficiently process certified, notarized document translation. Contact us today to send us your documents for translation.