Video Game Localization

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Video Game Localization Services

Video games are one of the most lucrative aspects of the entertainment industry. Audiences around the world love the thrill of inhabiting their favorite characters and wandering off on a fantastical adventure that takes them away from the real world.

However, video games come from different production companies from different regions of the world. While it may seem like artists created a final product just for a specific language, the truth is, localization and translation services are the true magic from behind the scenes.

Video Game Translations Available in Over 150 Languages

At Certified Translation Dallas, video game translation is one of our key services. Our in-house translators have experience with translations in over 150 different languages. We can translate from any language to English, and from English to your target language. You’ve worked hard on your product, and a certified translator can help solidify your place in the worldwide video game marketplace.

What is Localization and Why is it Important?

Localization is necessary when it’s time to present your hardware or software to a new region or country. Every region has different language and cultural nuances that make content relevant to a particular audience.

Without localization, plots can become misconstrued and your video game could fail because its content was too difficult to follow.

Certified Translation Dallas makes video games accessible to a target audience while helping the translation stay true to the original source material of your product.

Why Choose Certified Translation Dallas?

The translators of Certified Translation Dallas have over 30 years of experience in our industry. We can translate any document or script expediently and efficiently. From immigration documents to video game localization, we are the nation’s one-stop-shop for meeting any translation needs.

Video Game Translation and Localization

We Provide Voice Actors

Most video games contain cutscenes that involve voice acting. If your video game does this, you’ll want to ensure that your voice actors speak the language of your target audiences. Certified Translation Dallas can accurately translate your video game’s scripts.

We have court-certified translators who have experience in numerous languages and can provide essential voice translation services for your product.

Our Process is Simple and Certified

When you work with Certified Translation Dallas, the most you’ll have to do is submit your documents and product to our company. Once our translators review it and it’s approved, we get started immediately.

Our translators strive to provide accurate and certified translations in a 24 hour window. However, depending on the size and complexity of the project, this process can lengthen with video game localization.

Release Your New Video Game to a Global Audience With Certified Translation Dallas

Video game creation is an art, and at Certified Translation Dallas, we believe that everyone should be able to experience art, no matter the language barrier. We invite you to use our localization and translation services to bring your final product to the worldwide audience that it deserves. Contact us today to discuss terms, rates, and submission requirements for your video game localization needs.